yes® is an open banking ecosystem offering relying parties like online shops, insurance or telecom companies all PSD2 services free of charge. In addition they can request premium services like government IDs or qualified signatures.

Online banking customers simply use their existing login to verify their identity, pay or sign documents at third party websites or apps — without registration.

Over 1,000 banks will play an active role to keep the user interface and become the digital master key for their customers. These ‘active banks’ transmit account information, identities and payments directly to the relying party. In addition they make money by providing premium services beyond PSD2 such as additional account history, verified date of birth and government ID or payment guarantees. offers four free building blocks to create this ecosystem:

  • The neutral yes® Button based on the EU wordmark “YES”
  • The Account Chooser and Service Discovery which links users to their bank
  • The yes® Specifications that seamlessly connect banks and relying parties
  • The trust framework for banks, relying parties and service providers doesn’t receive any personal data from bank customers and banks only pay if they use the yes® Billing and Clearing platform.

As a neutral platform yes® is agnostic to payment methods or QES providers but keen to help establish standards that facilitate trusted online relationships.

yes® works on expanding to other countries to give banks a neutral solution across borders.

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