The Marketing Committee was established to focus on promoting the consortium and its activities to a wider international community.

It performs this role through:

  • Collecting and coordinating the communication and outreach activities of CSC Members when it comes to the promotion of trust services for electronic transactions. This includes – but is not limited to – publications, online and physical campaigns, events, speaker engagements, institutional relations and advocacy.
  • Recommending to the CSC Board the priorities, strategy, objectives and milestones for communication and outreach activities such as campaigns, events, marketing partnerships and advocacy.
  • Identifying, coordinating and pursuing internal and external opportunities for outreach and promotion such as events, publications, partnerships or campaigns. Identifying cross marketing opportunities with key stakeholders and strengthening the CSC’s external relations capability.
  • Overseeing the production, maintenance and use of a CSC communication and outreach toolset. This includes – but is not limited to – visual identity, standardised materials (slides, flyers, website texts), press releases, campaign tools (hashtags, links, audio-visuals,..).
  • Providing input on any other communications issues that arise.
  • Planning and overseeing CSC communication activities including – but not limited to – speaking opportunities, event partnerships, publications, press releases, campaigns, CSC website and social media channels.
  • Overseeing the work of the CSC secretariat and/ or contracts with external providers in the area of marketing and outreach as defined in these Terms of References.
  • Maintaining close relations with the Technical Committee to coordinate activities related to training, promotion of technical standards, institutional relations and advocacy. Maintaining close relations with the Membership and Partnership Committee to coordinate tools, channels and timelines.
  • Establishing and implementing relevant indicators to track and measure the scope and impact of communication and outreach activities.
  • Reviewing, monitoring and reporting on progress concerning the activities outlined above.

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee members

Lorie Groth – DigiCert (Chair)
Paola Monti – Intesi Group (Vice-Chair)
Léonie Capobianco – Universign
François Chassery – Certinomis
Pasquale Chiaro – InfoCert
Julie Lassabliere – Safelayer
Claudia Obermüller – D-Trust / Bundesdruckerei
Klaus Schuch – D-Trust / Bundesdruckerei

Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Committee is also the coordinating body of the Marketing Working Group, where more member representatives work on promoting CSC’s work.