Our Advocacy committee is a group of global experts who promote the usage of digital signatures and CSC standards around the world

The Advocacy Committee was established to focus on advocating for the adoption of CSC standards and digital signatures across the world. It performs this role through:

  • Planning and drafting a coordinated plan of action towards the promotion of digital signatures and CSC standards towards policy makers and regulators and similar key decision-makers in the public sphere
  • Identifying opportunities for best practice exchange, education and information in close collaboration with the Marketing Committee
  • Identifying collaborative opportunities with similar bodies and organizations across the globe to drive joint advocacy campaigns on digital signatures and CSC Standards
  • Executing advocacy activities with the support of the CSC secretariat, and oversee their effectiveness and impact

The Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee Members

Venkatraman Srinivasan – eMudhra Limited (Chair)
Andrea Valle – Adobe (Vice-Chair)

The Advocacy Working Group

The Advocacy Committee is also the coordinating body of the Advocacy Working Group, where additional member representatives work to advance CSC’s priorities and standards.