CertSIGN: Remote qualified electronic signature service integrated into Adobe Acrobat Sign

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By Cristina Rotaru, Marketing Specialist, CertSIGN

The integration of certSIGN’s Paperless remote electronic signature service into Acrobat Sign enables the electronic signing of documents from any device – desktop, laptop or smartphone – by accessing a single platform.

The digital certificates for electronic signature issued by certSIGN are natively integrated into Acrobat Sign, so that the user does not need to install any additional drivers or software to sign electronic documents.

The Paperless remote electronic signature provisioned by certSIGN covers all stages of a fully online user experience: from the remote video identification necessary to issue a digital certificate to the signing of a document by multiple signatories.

certSIGN issues different types of certificates, allowing creation of various types of signatures, with different assurance levels. The qualified electronic signature integrated within Acrobat Sign provides the highest level of assurance with respect to signed documents since it has the same legal effect of a handwritten signature under the eIDAS Regulation.

“Easy access to an electronic signature solution with the same legal effect as a handwritten signature has become a business necessity and companies acknowledge the need to complete transactions remotely, whenever and wherever the designated signatories are. The integration of the Paperless service with Acrobat Sign, an industry leader in digital experiences, provides users with a completely online electronic document management experience meant to improve process efficiency and the security of electronically signed documents.” states Adrian Floarea, CEO of certSIGN.

The integration into Acrobat Sign was achieved using the standard developed by the Cloud Signature Consortium that defines a unified way of interaction between electronic document signing applications such as Acrobat Sign and eIDAS compliant electronic signature services provided by trust service providers, such as Paperless developed by certSIGN.

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