Working for Adobe Systems since 1998, Andrea Valle is Senior Product Manager in the Document Cloud business unit. He is one of the pioneers of the PDF format developed by Adobe, the de facto worldwide standard for electronic documents.

He has covered multiple roles in pre-sales and business development, supporting many corporate and government organizations to implement major projects on dematerialization and secure document management, focusing on digital signatures, information security and accessibility.

He’s responsible for the design and development of digital signature features in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign products and Director of the AATL Trust Program.

He is also involved in standardization activities at organizations like ISO and ETSI, actively contributing to standards like ISO 32000 and ETSI EN 319142 (PAdES).

Dr. Kim Nguyen studied mathematics and physics at the universities of Göttingen (Germany) and Cambridge (UK) and received a Ph.D. in mathematics for his work on the relation be-tween classical number theory and cryptographic security of elliptic curves. After two years with Phillips Semiconductors working as a cryptographer, he joined the German Federal Print (Bundesdruckerei) in 2003. Here he was responsible for the topics of cryptographic and chip security as well as infrastructure aspects in the ePassport and eID projects in Germany.

Since 2012 he is responsible for all technical security topics within Bundesdruckerei as Chief Scientist Security. In Juni 2012 he additionally took over the position of Managing Director of D-Trust, the trust center of Bundesdruckerei. In May 2015 he was awarded the title “Fellow”.

Carmine has been InfoCert’s Chief Innovation Officer since 2015 where he’s responsible for Innovation, Marketing, Compliance, New Products Development, Strategic Planning and International development. Carmine has been elected Deputy Chairman of AssoCertificatori, the association of Italian Trust Service Providers. Carmine is also a Board Member of Madrid based AC Camerfirma and a Board Member of Cloud Signature Consortium, a Bruxelles based organization committed to building a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures.

Prior to joining InfoCert, Carmine gained 12 years of work experience in the energy sector working for Terna (the Italian TSO) where he covered the role of Chief Technology Officer and VP of Marketing and Innovation. While in Terna, Carmine was also appointed Chairman of CASC (now CAO) Audit Committee, the European central auction office for cross-border energy transmission capacity with a Net Turnover of 1.8 bln € per year.

Previously, Carmine gained 10 years of international work experience with Bain & Company and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Carmine studied in Italy where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Telecommunications; he completed his academic background in the USA with an MBA from the Kellogg Northwestern University.

He has published several papers on Physical Review B and Physica C.

Viky Manaila is an international expert in the field of electronic signatures, digital identity and digital transformation processes, and has successfully promoted the use of electronic signatures and electronic businesses throughout Europe and in the United States. Viky was a technical expert for the European Commission during the institution of Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) on electronic identity assurance, and for the design and roll-out of European, cross-nation e-procurement platforms and operations. Viky is a member of different high level working groups that were set up by the European Commission and ETSI  which aim to align policy and operations around trust identity, digital signatures, trust services, and cross-recognition.