GSE is the first certification authority in Latin America that joins both programs CSC & CSP of Adobe

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GSE S.A leading digital signature services in the cloud in the Andean región

By Leonardo Maldonado, Gerente de Producto Especialista, GSE S.A.

On 12 July, 2021, GSE SA announced its membership with the Adobe Cloud Partner Program, allowing GSE’s cloud-based digital signature service to now be directly integrated with Adobe Sign. Having joined the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) in December 2020, GSE is the first certification authority in Latin America to join both programs, enabling organizations that use Adobe Sign to create digital signatures that are reliable, compatible, and have more extensive legal probative value. The cloud-based service handles all the cryptographic components necessary to implement digital signatures. In addition, by joining the Cloud Signature Consortium and the Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program, GSE now provides a differential product service with higher standards, reach, and strong strategic partnerships.

“GSE is pleased to provide its clients with a signature service supported by all three organizations: GSE, along with CSC and Adobe, by becoming a member of the Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program. “, declared Alejandro Calderon, Commercial Director of the company.

“We believe that our association with Adobe and our membership with CSC will be to the client experience, and will also allow us to interact and receive the benefits of exchanging experience with world leaders, in defining technical standards of digital signatures,” indicated Borja Carreras CEO of GSE.

GSE makes digital signatures accessible to businesses of all sizes through seamless integration with the Adobe partnership and CSC. Documents that are digitally signed with the certificates issued by GSE are compatible with the security and quality objectives for electronic documents so users can have the peace of mind in their use, as the security is backed by certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and the WebTrust standards. Adobe automatically trusts them as they have met the requirements to be included in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), making it easier for organizations to provide signing and verification capabilities to their employees and customers.

“At GSE we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and in the same way with the continuous improvement of our products and services, for which we are sure that this new membership will generate new tools to provide greater security in the digital transformation processes that are being advanced in the market of Colombia and Latin America. Our collaborators are also obtaining the benefits of interacting with world-class organizations in digital signatures, creating a virtuous circle in the evolution of digital and electronic signatures, which is unprecedented, and in near future we will also be integrating with facial biometric tools. , fingerprint and voice, in order to create a user experience (UX) that makes the process of signing documents or approvals in workflows more intuitive and efficient ”stated the Product Manager Specialist in PKI and Biometrics, Leonardo Maldonado, GSE Specialist Product Manager.

GSE SA is a Digital Certification Entity (ECD) accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ONAC in spanish) in Colombia, distinguished with the WebTrust seal and a leading provider of Identity and Security Solutions for Digital Transformation. For more details, visit