Entrust provides financial institutions, national governments, corporate enterprises and other organisations with technologies to establish trusted identities and conduct highly secure transactions. Examples of the company’s diverse offerings include software and hardware used to issue financial cards, produce e-passports and authenticate users looking to access secure networks or conduct financial transaction

Asseco Data Systems experts closely cooperate with other CSC members in areas of:

  • Remote Electronic Signature
  • Certificate enrollment automation
  • Signature validation
  • Long-term Preservation.

We share our over 20 years’ experience coming from a daily operation as a:

  • Qualified CA known as Certumä
  • Remote Signature Creation and Validation TSP offering SimplySignä and WebNotatiusä Trust Services
  • Software vendor and Data Center owner, to strengthen up an ecosystem of high-quality partners supporting common business activities and driving trust services global market.

Universign, a pure player in digital confidence.

Universign provides a SaaS platform offering trust services: electronic signatures, electronic seals, timestamps and identity management.

Universign allows people to sign anything, anywhere, with a high level of regulatory compliance and legal value, for all kinds of electronic documents by providing strong guarantees in terms of integrity and authenticity of the authors and signatories.

As qualified Trust Service Provider under eIDAS Regulation, Universign brings legal confidence to digital transformation.

Our trust services guarantee security to digital transaction and offers the best user experience with two driving principles: simplicity and compliance.

Universign key figures:
+ 3 000 customers
+ 500 000 e-identity
+ 10 000 000 electronic signatures per year
+ 50 000 000 timestamps per year

Intesi Group products are the result of a research project started 20 years ago. A long journey that has always had the objective of creating a simple, well-designed solution that would make the complex architectures underlying the concept of digital identity, electronic signature and encryption accessible to the average user.

Throughout this technological development, Intesi Group has maintained a consistent adherence to Italian and European standards and regulations and its products and services are certified and qualified according to eIDAS Regulations.

Today Intesi Group offers its innovative services both to companies with high volume requirements (millions of certificates/users) and to SMEs that need to protect data and customers from the growing risks that digital transformation is facing.

Intesi Group’s philosophy for digitization is very simple and is based on the adoption of an approach that we like to define as Trust Digital Transformation.

When everything becomes digital, new security requirements must be met and they can be classified into three main areas – trust in the identity of the user and service provider, guaranteed through Strong Authentication; the integrity of the electronically signed agreements, and confidentiality through strong encryption.

Standardization is a key factor in bringing a market to maturity.

CSC is the first successful experiment that has been able to combine users, tech companies and service providers in the definition of a standard that is already in production and which can significantly contribute to the simplification of integration problems between different systems and services.

Intesi Group thinks CSC is exciting because it gives back the freedom to choose the best application and the best service provider without constraints and without integration investments.

Intarsys AG is a leading manufacturer of software for the electronic signature in Europe. In addition to technologies for qualified and advanced electronic signatures, the company located at Karlsruhe, Germany, specializes in time stamps and long-term archiving with PDF/A. Under the slogan “smart secure signing”, intarsys offers signature products and components for all operating systems and from servers to web-based systems.

The signing software component SignLive! CC creates qualified signatures and checks existing signatures for their validity. The modern architecture of the intarsys product line and the consistent use of international standards ensure flexibility and investment security.

With “Sign Live! CC cloud suite gears”, their newest product, intarsys addresses local and remote signing of documents with arbitrary crypto tokens, smartcards or remote signing services. While running in the browser of the client or on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets the customer can use various signing methods, certificate types or signature qualities as part of his business process.

Beside these products intarsys develops software components for various European trust service providers for building up remote signing services and document signing services. The competence in electronic signatures as well as in PDF technology is an important criteria for selecting intarsys as design and implementation partner.

Beside being a founding member of the CSC and a major contributor of the API specification intarsys supports the TWG with the vice chair position. Additonally intarsys has developed the CSC API testbed for compliance testing with the CSC specification for Adobe which serves as the reference compliance check for all subsequent CSC API implementations.