Adobe has over 20 years of leadership in digital document standards and electronic signatures. We invented the PDF standard – now an open standard maintained by the International Organisation for Standardisation – and more than 250 billion PDF documents were opened in Adobe apps in the last year.

We make it easy for organisations across the world to use digital signatures based on digital IDs from providers on trusted lists, including the Adobe Approved Trust List and the European Union Trusted Lists. With 6 billion transactions a year, Adobe is the global leader in secure digital document transactions and standards-based electronic signatures.

In collaboration with the Cloud Signature Consortium, Adobe is proud to be the first global vendor to support a new, open standard for cloud-based digital signatures. Organisations around the world can use Adobe Sign – our market-leading electronic signature automation solution – together with CSC-compliant digital IDs from a rapidly expanding list of Trust Service Providers from around the world, to achieve the highest levels of compliance and great customer experiences. With Adobe solutions, organisations can sign anytime, anywhere on any device without compromising compliance.

We are committed to open standards that eliminate compatibility issues and deployment limitations for digital signature users. Adobe solutions let organisations confidently build end-to-end digital document processes, knowing that their investment can be flexibly scaled to meet changing needs over time.

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