Cryptomathic is a global provider of secure server solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking and government. Cryptomathic is the world’s most experienced player in remote signing and WYSIWYS. We are the technology providers of many nationwide central signing deployments and are very active in the finance industry as well, enabling eCommerce portals with digital signature technology. At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as long-standing clients.

Cryptomathic’s Signer is an eIDAS-certified digital signature solution for remote signing – delivering the highest assurance level with Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) for organizations to provide legally binding digital signature services to clients and end-users at a large scale. The solution is implemented in various industries, e.g. banks, trust service providers and government departments processing millions of transactions each month across Europe and beyond. The solution combines strong security with user convenience by using “what you see is what you sign” (WYSIWYS) technology that provides non-repudiation and enhances customer trust.

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