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By Sanita Meijere, Head of Business Relations, SK ID Solutions

This year, SK ID Solutions is focusing on bringing its digital solutions out of Baltics to European countries and wider across the globe.

The eID and other trust services available and approved in Baltic countries could also become available in other locations. One of our core services – timestamping service – is already used in 20 countries around the globe generating tens of millions of transactions on monthly basis.

At SK ID Solutions are proud to say – we are the first company that issued eIDAS qualified time stamps!    

What is timestamping service?      

Time stamp proves the existence of specific data at a certain point of time – no one is able to change data once it’s saved and confirmed with the time stamp. 

What are the most popular use cases?

Timestamping service is most widely used for digital signing and archiving.

Other use cases:

  • Stamping technical logs
  • Legal evidence of the existence of any data at a particular time
  • Confirmation of issuing or receiving any data (invoice, transaction, document)
  • Proof of time for transactions and documents
  • Proof of intellectual property (photos, trademarks etc.)  

Timestamping service is most widely used in finance, insurance, medicine, telecommunications, governmental institutions, notaries, and software developers (SaaS providers).

Scandinavian, Baltic banks, and European institutions are just some of our large-scale users.

How does timestamping service work?          

SK ID Solution timestamping service uses Public Key Infrastructure typically abbreviated as PKI and trusted time sources to provide secure and reliable information that is compatible with international standards (RFC 3161). The SK ID Solutions qualified time stamp can be used and is valid all over the world. We do provide a free demo environment to have a better understanding for our clients on how timestamping service works.      

What are the main benefits of timestamping service?    

It allows saving time and money and being more environmentally sustainable – no need to work with hard copies of documents and store them. Digital documents are safe enough if time stamped, especially with the qualified time stamp. It works as a valid proof in court.

When choosing a timestamping service provide a tip would be to choose among those that are listed in European Trust list.

If you are interested in this topic and want to get to know more, please get in touch with us here.