New Microsoft integration based on CSC standard from Trans Sped

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Digital signature for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft SharePoint 2019

The qualified digital certificates issued by Trans Sped are now integrated with some of the most used software platforms in the world, in both public and private sector. Based on CSC standard, the integration is available for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft SharePoint 2019, allowing users to add trust and integrity to documents and communications.

This integration brings several benefits for our users: it speeds up the time for signing documents, simplifies the entire process and offers a unified experience across different file types. As Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most used software worldwide, it will be a major workflow improvement for both public and private sector employees. We are also a Microsoft authorized reseller and we can provide our clients with complete package and integrated solutions”, said Camelia Ivan, CEO Trans Sped.  

Trans Sped, with more than 16 years experience on the global market, provides eIDAS qualified digital certificates for electronic signature and cross– certified with SAFE–Identity. The company services comply with the European and North American standards, being one of the few EU TSP published on both Trusted Lists – EU and US.

We joined CSC several years ago. The CSC standard and technical specifications helped us and our clients with an easy integration with different software solutions, and also helped us to provide a great customer experience and increase the adoption of qualified digital certificates in the market”, said Camelia Ivan.

Trans Sped is a Trust Service Provider operating on Romanian market since 2004, offering since 2008 cloud-based qualified electronic signature on national and international market. Since 2019, Trans Sped has been certified in accordance with European Regulation eIDAS (910/2014) to perform certified video identification.