The evolution of high-trust remote signing and the legal validity of the CSC standard in Chile

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By Victoria Allen, Ascertia

The legal validity of signing with Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) standard is dependent on country laws and legal regulations around electronic signatures. Trust Service Providers (TSP) and Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP) are using the CSC standard globally to enable users to sign documents using Qualified and Advance Electronic Signatures.

Ascertia has been working in the Chilean market since 2010 and is spearheading remote signing initiatives by working with a number of Remote Signing Service Providers (RSSPs) to increase adoption of the solution in the country.

In Chile, the fair competition law requires companies to offer equal opportunities for companies to partake in solution offerings. SigningHub, Ascertia’s e-signature solution supports the CSC’s latest API protocol (v1.0.4.0). This enables SigningHub to communicate to multiple Trust Service Providers, providing users with the choice of which TSP they want to use to sign documents in SigningHub. This ensures adherence to Chile’s fair competition law but also provides greater interoperability and flexibility for organisations wanting to utilise remote signing for their business needs.

Ascertia has completed successful CSC integrations with two TSPs in Chile, one of which is a trusted partner of Ascertia. The plan to eventually have completed CSC integrations with all of the main TSPs in the country.