UABIV is Universal Automated Biometric Identity Verification

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By Jaan Murumets, Product Manager, SK ID Solutions AS

UABIV is Universal Automated Biometric Identity Verication – a solution that relieves users of the burden of identifying customers. SK ID Solutions can provide this solution anywhere in the world wherever your clients are.*

UABIV is a fully remote tool that allows companies to identify users with no need to meet them in person beforehand. The overall process is designed on the existing Smart-ID service with the added process.

Why opt for UABIV?

– Safer & stronger solution for the service provider

– QES – qualied electronic signature and safe digitalization

– Cross-border solution

– Fast enrolment process

UABIV is provided by SK ID Solutions – a company that specializes in international e-identity solutions. The company has 20 years of experience in providing strong authentication solutions. SK ID Solutions provides services to nearly 1000 organizations, which include financial, healthcare, energy, telecom, and other private and public sector e-services. The tool Smart-ID provided by SK ID Solutions has 3 million end-users in the Baltics. SK ID Solutions is included in the European Trusted List as a qualified trust service provider. Check all the services available here: