Viky Manaila appointed new President of the Cloud Signature Consortium

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Brussels, Belgium, June 24, 2022

Viky Manaila, Trust Services Director at Intesi Group & President of the Cloud Signature Consortium

Viky Manaila, Trust Services Director at Intesi Group, has been appointed as new President of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). Manaila who has served on the CSC board since 2020, replaces Andrea Valle, Principle Product Manager at Adobe, who was the President of the CSC since its inception in 2018. Valle will continue to be actively involved in CSC as a member of the executive board.

An international expert in the field of electronic signatures, digital identity, and digital transformation processes, Manaila is a member of several high-level working groups set up by the European Commission and ETSI on the implementation of digital trust services, digital identities, and cross-border recognition.

As CSC board member, Manaila has helped grow CSC from its 11 founding members to more than 65 members globally. She has also been a leading voice advocating for business and consumer-friendly EU legislation for electronic identification, authentication and trust services for electronic transactions in the EU’s internal market (eIDAS).

The CSC board thanks Valle for his invaluable contributions in helping launch and build the association and welcomes Manaila as the new CSC President to help elevate the CSC and our work with the EU and ETSI to the next level.

Andrea Valle: I warmly congratulate Viky Manaila to her appointment as CSC President; the Consortium could not be in better hands! Viky combines in-depth technical know-how with unparalleled expertise in the political and regulatory landscape. Last but not least, she has been instrumental to the growth of CSC over the last years, onboarding new members and prospects to CSC. She has the full support of the CSC board, under her leadership, we will be able to take the Consortium to the next level.

Viky Manaila: I would like to thank Andrea Valle and the CSC board for their support and trust. Together, we will continue on our mission to make the digital signing experience simple and convenient – and to make it available to every organization in the world. In invite all CSC members to contribute their ideas, experience and knowledge in order to consolidate our position at an international level and to develop global standards for the digital signing services market and trust services market.

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