Executive Membership

Thanks for your interest in becoming a CSC Executive member


All membership applications are subject to review and approval by the CSC Board on a quarterly basis. To confirm your interest in joining, please fill in the Membership Application form by clicking on the link below and sign the Membership Agreement and return it to info@cloudsignatureconsortium.org.

Executive membership includes:


  • Access CSC technology specifications
  • Use CSC Conformity Checker
  • Use CSC member badge on your website
  • Use CSC CERTIFIED logo on certified products
  • Contribute to CSC regulatory positions and advocacy activities
  • Participate in a CSC Committee or Working Group
  • Eligible to join the CSC Board of Directors
  • Leadership role on a CSC Committee or Working Group
  • Receive Member Newsletter
  • Inclusion in CSC online member directory
  • Attend CSC events (additional fees may apply)
  • Host or Chair CSC Conferences & Events
  • Prominent position in CSC website membership section
Apply for CSC Membership

Please note that a 25% discount is available for Non-Profit, Public and Academic Sector organisations as well as for Micro/Small Enterprises. Micro and small enterprises employ fewer than 50 people and their annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 10 million (reference).