GSE: Trends in digital transformation and global integration in Latin America

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By Leonardo Maldonado, Chief Product Officer, GSE

With the digital transformation forced by COVID19, Colombia managed to position itself as one of the countries with the highest degree of digital transformation in Latin America. GSE – a leading provider in the region – contributed to advancing global integration, using the CSC API to become enabled with Adobe Acrobat Sign. Read more about regional developments and the ground-breaking work of GSE here. 

One of the most important developments of the global digital transformation is the identification of each individual and how it is possible to validate this in a secure and reliable way. This is more often than not done through the digital signature, a solution that more and more companies and individuals are implementing in their realities, in order to digitally validate the identity of each one.

This digital transformation has been accelerated in Colombia due to necessities arising from the COVID19 pandemic and GSE, an expert in digital transformation and technical-legal security, has been at the forefront of the country’s transition. During the pandemic, GSE was certified by the National Registry of Civil Status in Colombia to access its biometric bases and earnt the accreditation of the National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC), as a provider of Trust Services (TSP).

Adobe recognised GSE which has accredited its cloud signature service, and integrated it natively into Adobe Acrobat Sign, enabling Latin American companies that use Adobe electronic signatures, so that alternatively they can have a strong identification linked to a more secure digital signature in the cloud.

Now using the Open Standard of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), GSE will offer digital signatures that work seamlessly with those in the Adobe Acrobat Sign cloud.

Through the Firma Central service, GSE offers a digital signature service to store and manage qualified electronic signatures in the cloud, with the high standards of remote signature. Based on open standards and backed by trusted digital identities, GSE digital and electronic signatures integrated with Adobe help you comply with the strictest regulations, according to the Adobe Trust Centre standards.

“Without a doubt, this is a milestone in the history of cloud signatures, not only for GSE, but also for Colombia and Latin America, because we are the first company in the region to be enabled with Adobe Acrobat Sign, to allow users who share Adobe Acrobat Sign and GSE to  digitally sign documents inside Adobe Acrobat Sign using our Firma Central service  So we can have documents #SafelySigned said Leonardo Maldonado, GSE’s Chief Product Officer.

“At the company we are always working on innovative security solutions with wide coverage to manage digital identities and related services such as digital on-boarding, digital and electronic signatures, generating trust in the Internet and its different use cases as third-party platforms including the metaverse, with many more to come in the near future, so this achievement is a good first step in the implementation of the CSC API to enable  new use cases of qualified firms,” said Borja Carreras, CEO of GSE.

Colombia is one of the countries with the highest degree of digital transformation in Latin America according to a new study entitled “Transformation with digital sense 2022: A new rhythm in the digital maturity of Latin America“, prepared by the consulting firm EY. Latin America was catalogued as “in development of digital capabilities” with a score of 61.1 points out of 100, with Colombia ranked fourth with 60.5 points.