Registration for the Trusted Economy Forum (8-9 June) is open!

May 13, 2022

Registration for the Trusted Economy Forum (more about the reasons for rebranding the conference in this article: News CERTUM The EFES to the Trusted Economy Forum. A new dimension of the global economy), Europe’s largest conference on electronic trust services, which will be held on 8-9 June in Warsaw, Poland, is now open. The event […]

TechSoup – Digital Transformation for Good

December 22, 2021

The Cloud Signature Consortium is proud to support TechSoup in the launch of their new series: Civil Society Insights from the TechSoup Global Network. These events that are designed to share what TechSoup Global Network partners are learning around the world, showcasing case studies, ESG initiatives, survey results, and more.The first event Digital Transformation for […]

Simplest implementation of the EU eID wallet that can be used already now

November 17, 2021

By Margus Pala, CEO, eID Easy European Digital Identity wallet is in the process of finalizing technical specifications. Among the main goals the wallet must be able to: Create qualified electronic signatures Contain and allow sharing an electronic attestiations of attributes about the person At the same time we have all the building blocks already […]

Digital signature for referendums: Italy in pole position in Europe

By Federico Berti Arnoaldi Veli, Marketing Manager, TrustPro QTSP Italy is the first state in the world where it is possible to sign national referendums and popular initiative laws online. Dublin, August 31, 2021 Online Signature Collection is the web platform created by itAgile in collaboration with TrustPro QTSP, following a request from the Luca […]

Digitisation shows no sign of slowing down

By Sam Crook, CRO, Ascertia Everywhere companies are scrambling to keep pace with a resurging global economy. Entire industries are re-opening and businesses are now assessing how to maintain the productivity gains realised from remote working, rewired business models and new processes. Possessing secure, reliable access to the cloud has become critical. The cloud is […]

UABIV is Universal Automated Biometric Identity Verification

By Jaan Murumets, Product Manager, SK ID Solutions AS UABIV is Universal Automated Biometric Identity Verication – a solution that relieves users of the burden of identifying customers. SK ID Solutions can provide this solution anywhere in the world wherever your clients are.* UABIV is a fully remote tool that allows companies to identify users […]